Einstein quote
I love this quote by Albert Einstein

All my children are different and learn differently. They have since the day they were born.

We are excited about the prospect of them being educated outside the school classroom for 12 months and to watch them grow and learn in a different environment.

We are not expecting it to be an easy ride but we are looking forward to the challenge of home schooling or should that be travel schooling!

When I asked them each individually about what they thought it would be like to come out of school and be educated whilst travelling around the world for a year, these are their replies….

Charlie (14): I can’t wait to get out from being stuck behind a desk!

Claudia (11): I will be able to learn in real life rather than moving words from a text book to my work book.

Kitty (10): Can we have the same holidays as my friends back home will have?!

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