Orlando, Florida.

This is the first leg for me (Chris) after finishing the rugby season with Toronto Wolfpack. After devastatingly losing in a promotional play-off, we flew as a team back to England where Claire and the children had returned due to Claire's work. I had four days at home before we flew with Thomas Cook from... Continue Reading →

The journey so far…

We have created a Google Map to show the route we are travelling and places we have visited. This map will update as we continue on our travels but for the sake of this specific blog post, as of the 23rd November 2018 when the map was first created, we have covered 31,828 miles! Click... Continue Reading →

Smooth journey after Visa nightmare!

I have done quite a lot of travelling for work in recent years but nothing quite compares to getting the family out to Toronto. I don't have the best reputation for things going smoothly when I travel so it was hardly surprising that given the extent of this trip, this was no exception. The mini... Continue Reading →

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