Errr, sorry. Time certainly does fly…

It has been one of the common themes with everyone that we’ve talked to during our travels so far. “Everyone at home asks why we don’t update our social media more often, but we don’t have time!”

When setting off, one of things we thought we would have more than anything of, was time. How wrong we were. It’s not that you are constantly busy doing interesting things, but you always seem to be travelling, just don’t seem to have a couple of hours to sit and write blogs / post photos / sort out videos you’ve filmed. So we’re now 6 weeks post Florida and I’m still trying to finish off the video edits from Universal Studios!

However, I am now going to make a concerted effort to sort out photos / videos / blogs on at least a weekly basis. I always thought it would be easy to do this whilst ‘on the go’ – sorting videos, writing blogs whilst travelling by train, plane or automobile. I was very wrong. Trying to use a laptop whilst cramped into a seat of any description requires arms of awkward angles and within 10 minutes cramp sets in, you’ve annoyed other passengers alongside and in front of you and you feel travel sick.

After saying all of this though, I am actually writing this blog on a 4 hour bus ride from Cat Ba Island to Ninh Binh in Northern Vietnam. This is the exception to the rule because I have managed to commandeer the middle seat of the back row which means that I get a little more room in front of me. We have also, as a family, sat on all the back row seats and therefore the only people who are getting annoyed by my  wide-arm typing are Charlie and Kitty. I feel like I might even issue the standard school bus challenge – £5 to anyone who can touch the back window….

So, in the coming days there should be updates, videos and blogs from our journey so far in:



Los Angeles / San Francisco



and finally, Vietnam.

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