The journey so far…

We have created a Google Map to show the route we are travelling and places we have visited.

This map will update as we continue on our travels but for the sake of this specific blog post, as of the 23rd November 2018 when the map was first created, we have covered 31,828 miles!

Click on the map below to go to the interactive Google map.

The journey so far....a whopping 31,828 miles!


  • Home to Toronto – 3412 miles by air
  • Toronto to Las Vegas – 1950  miles by air
  • Las Vegas to Toronto – 1950 miles by air
  • Toronto to Dominican Republic – 1847 miles by air
  • Dominican Republic to Home – 4293 miles by air
  • Home to Orlando – 4229 miles by air
  • Orlando to Sarasota – 130 miles by car
  • Sarasota to Miami – 230 miles by car
  • Miami to Cancun – 528 miles by air
  • Cancun to Los Angeles – 2119 miles by air
  • From Los Angeles we rented a camper van and travelled over 2000 miles visiting Joshua Tree National Park, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Area 51 Alien Centre, Death Valley, Yosemite Valley, San Francisco and down the coast road back to Los Angeles.
  • Los Angeles to Hilo, Hawaii – 2462 miles by air
  • Hilo to Honolulu, Hawaii – 209 miles by air
  • Honolulu to Osaka, Japan – 4116 miles by air
  • Osaka to Hanoi, Vietnam – 2008 miles by air
  • Hanoi to Ha Long Bay – 100 miles by coach, ferry and coach
  • Ha Long Bay to Tam Coc, Ninh Binh, – 120 miles by coach, ferry and coach

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