The challenge of being a travelling teaching mum

I never imagined home education whilst travelling would be an easy ride, especially as they are all different ages (14, 11 & 10) and year groups (9, 7 & 5) and we wouldn’t have our home creature comforts to hand and would be living pretty much out of a suitcase.

As much as I absolutely adore them, being a mum is a challenge in itself so throwing in being their teacher on the road as well was never going to be plain sailing. It was quite an effort to get them to decide which pencil cases to pack so the prospect of getting them to focus on studying didn’t fill me with confidence 😉

I could pretend that they are perfect siblings who never fall out and agree with everything I ask them to do but I think you’d know I would be lying! I’m sure other mums would agree that sorting out quarrels and mediating is common practice when you’re a mum to more than one – becoming a professional referee is part of the job!

Add to the mix that I wasn’t the most academic student and got labelled (wrongly of course!) as the class clown, I knew I would have my work cut out when it came to home schooling.

However, we discussed everything together and all agreed from the beginning that we wanted everything to be as fun as possible – with a light-hearted approach I hopefully wouldn’t become ‘that’ teacher they can’t stand!

Today I felt stressed trying to even motivate them as their mum to get up, dressed and sorted before they’d even got into the ‘classroom’ so I definitely questioned if I was actually cut out and ready to motivate them as their teacher as well.

Thankfully, once they’d got up and about, they were in a really fun mood and they soon had me laughing.

It’s really lovely to know they have taken on board that being their teacher is a big challenge for me and I appreciated their humour at a time I was ready to throw the towel in!

It’s very strange being their mum and trying to be their teacher as well as they are two very different roles but I really wouldn’t change it for the world.

Here is a little video from earlier….please be assured that they did settle down to work when it had ended!


2 thoughts on “The challenge of being a travelling teaching mum

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  1. Hey! Take heart. It’s not easy when you’re on holiday to even find motivation to read for pleasure when all you want to do is eat, sleep, hang out repeat! 🤣

    Start slowly and build on it. Half hour maths, half hour English and increase from there. You do your work you get more free time. You don’t do Amy work you impact on everyone’s free time! That will teach them to pull their socks up! And most importantly enjoy the after offffffffff!! Yaaaay!! MaryAnne xx

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