Schools Out – it’s time for Edventure!

Making the decision to take the children out of school was one of the biggest and bravest decisions we had to make. Charlie is in year 9, Claudia year 7 and Kitty year 5 and they all attend different schools.

The main concern was for Charlie, who is 14 as he should have been starting his GCSE exam work in September, so taking him out felt like we were really going against the grain. However, as he hasn’t ever really settled in to the high school environment, I thought that, done right, this could actually be the BEST thing for Charlie.

We didn’t really understand anything about how home schooling or educating on-the-go worked so we had to do some really quick research to find out more. It’s amazing how many people actually do home school once I looked into it and it was incredibly reassuring knowing that not only did other people do it, but there is a huge support network out there with so much information and advice available for parents.

It was a weird thought thinking we would be in charge of educating them ourselves – it wasn’t as if either of us were model students – but having looked at how much support and resources were available, we decided that we would be able to give it a go.

We informed the schools within a week and the process was much easier than I had imagined.

Charlie has no guarantee of getting back his place back because his school is fully subscribed, which did worry me slightly. Saying that, he isn’t actually convinced that he will want to go back in to the school system anyway and thinks at this point that he will want to continue to be home educated so we have all agreed not to worry about it too much now and to cross that bridge when we come to it.

His school were fantastically supportive and have offered to provide information on the GCSE coursework he would have been studying so that we can do as much as we can with him whilst we are away, which is great.

Claudia and Kitty’s schools were also very supportive and offered them a place back in the same year group when we returned, which we were really grateful for as it gave them the comfort that they could slot in with the same friends and peers when we got back and they wouldn’t be repeating a year.

Thanks to the head of Kitty’s school, they are all now set up on the school’s ‘IXL’ online learning program for Maths and English. It goes right up to A level so it’s going to be amazing to have this resource for them all to use.

Charlie came out of school a couple of days after we had informed his school of our plans and already he is so much happier. He has started his online learning and is thriving. I am so impressed with his attitude to learning and so far, home schooling is suiting him brilliantly and it hasn’t posed any challenges for us as teachers either….well, not yet anyway! He has already had the opportunity of visiting a business in Newcastle and attended meetings with me in my business about various topics such as trademarking and exporting so he is gaining lots of experience outside of his online learning too.

Claudia and Kitty left school TODAY! They took buns for their class mates and are looking forward to enrolling in the school of mum and dad 😉

Claudia last day of school
The last last-minute dash to the school bus for a while


kitty school last day
After today…no more school uniform for a while!


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