Take That and Travel

On Mothers Day (11th March 2018), my beautiful children spoilt me with a ticket to go and see ‘Take That The Musical’ at Leeds Grand Theatre. It was for Saturday 24th March and it was to be one of the very few and far between date nights Chris and I had had for ages.

We went for a few drinks in Halifax at Gin Lane and Square Chapel before getting the train to Leeds. Once in Leeds, we called in a lovely gin bar on the way up to the Grand Theatre and for the first time in ages we had the time to chat and catch up. We chatted through the usual, mainly work and children, and about his forthcoming 4 month working trip to Toronto in June. I admitted that I didn’t relish the prospect of running the whole show at home whilst he was away as it’s full on even with two pairs of hands on deck so we chatted about how great it would be if, as a family, we could go with him.

But the reality and practicalities of day to day life quickly halted our wandering thoughts – the younger three children have to go to school, Harry has University, I have to run the business, we have friends and family to consider, how would be fund it, etc. etc. With all those considerations, we realised that really, there’s no way we could make it happen.

We had another drink, daydreamed a bit more then went off to see the show.

The show was brilliant – I’d highly recommend it if you are going to be near to where the remaining tour dates are – we had a ‘proper’ good sing along to all the Take That classics and really did have the best night in a long time. It’s easy to forget that you do actually get on as a couple when every day life is so all consuming and stressful.

Now, I’m not saying that the cast of Take That are to blame for this massive decision to travel the world with the family because there were other influencing factors, but after losing ourselves in the joy of theatre for a couple of hours, when I woke up the next morning I felt seriously liberated and started to think more and more about taking the family away.

My mind was running away with me and for the first time in a long time I felt a sense of adventure. I really did feel excited about the prospect of working and travelling the world and started to dream about what it would be like.

As well as going to Toronto, we could go to see more of the world. We could go and visit my babyballet licensees and classes in Australia and New Zealand, I could take babyballet to other countries, we could do charity work. My mind was racing.

Then I’d have a word with myself and say things like, ‘yeah but you can’t. What about work? What about school? What about this? What about that? But every time a negative thought came into my head, as it had the night before, a stronger voice kept shouting louder saying, yes but what if you don’t? Why not? You only live once. If you don’t try it, you will never know. You have to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Now, bearing in mind this was all before 7.30am, everybody else was still asleep and my thoughts were running round my head at a million miles an hour,  I decided to get up and get all my thoughts down on to paper in fear that if I didn’t, my brain was going to explode all over the bedroom!

My main aim of the brain dump was to go through all the WHAT IFS that would stand in our way.

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